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Right now there is nothing more important than education … we all hear this all the time but do we have time or desire to really continue studying once we get established? Regardless of how educated anyone is the modern world never stops evolving and learning new things is necessary to be able to adapt to the upcoming opportunities.

On the other hand very few people have the time or the inclination to spend a great deal of time in new courses with boring presentations in unappealing environments. Learning has to be attractive by making the courses as interesting and educational as possible and by meeting in an attractive place.

Our partner company PosiTim from Germany will be organising together with us the Napeos courses next October. Please visit Positim’s course webpage as they are leading this activity.

NAPEOS is the latest ESA/ESOC GNSS processing software from the Navigation Support Office (OPS-GN). This software, is in routine usage at ESOC’s OPS-GN since January 2008 for all its activities in the scope of the International GNSS Service (IGS). The NAPEOS based ESA GNSS products (orbits, clocks, etc) are amongst the best of the IGS Analysis Center products. As such the NAPEOS software may be considered to be of at least similar quality as the GNSS software used at any other IGS analysis centers.

With this message we would like to inform you that ESA is now able to license the software to entities which are located (main office) in one of the ESA member state countries. This license of the NAPEOS software is free of charge. If you are interested to learn more about the NAPEOS software have a look at the web page that PosiTim have prepared for this here

At SAC we have been using NAPEOS for several years and have just finished the transition of a complex system of GNSS product estimation to NAPEOS, which we are very happy with. We wrote about this estimation tool back in 2008 at the time of the start of the 1st IGS reprocessing campaign. Things have only gotten better with this excellent tool in large part thanks to PosiTim, GMV and all the excellent staff at ESOC’s OPS-GN. SAC have supported the tool development as far as possible and the validation and testing as needed.

Additionally at SAC S.L. we can offer first rate GNSS teaching in the wonderful environment of the Canary Islands, the preferred holiday destination of million of Europeans every year. By coming here for our courses you can easily enjoy a wonderful holiday in a 4 or 5 star hotel together with a first rate educational experience. We are confident that you will enjoy the experience, and learn all you need about GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ignacio Romero Trujillo